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Called Out For Wearing a Mask? You're Not Alone. What May Be Driving This Kind of Pandemic Aggression


Legacy of Masks Will be Debated Long After COVID-19 Pandemic: Experts

Why Are So Many British Columbians Still Wearing Masks Indoors?

Managing Mental Health as Pandemic Restrictions Ease

Here's How to Cope with Anxiety as COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted Across Canada


I Wrote the Book on Pandemic Psychology. Post-Covid Will Take Some Getting Used To



How You Can Take Back Control in This Never-ending Pandemic


Is There Another Reason Biden Likes Boosters?

How the Pandemic has Rewired Our Brains


‘No one wanted to read’ his book on pandemic psychology – then Covid hit


COVID-19 Mental Health Long Haulers

The Era of Covid Ambivalence: What Do We Do as Normalcy Returns but Delta Surges?


4 ways to have a positive experience when engaging with social media

Some people finding personal growth in pandemic gloom: study

'Game changer': COVID-19 pandemic may have lifelong impact for some, B.C. psychologist says

Violent public outbursts and unruly behavior may keep some from reentering society—but likely not for long, experts say

Entering post-COVID world sparks anxiety for some, but uneasiness is normal reaction: experts


Mask Refusal

CMHF’s Men’s Health Month Targets Mental Health

‘Hygiene Theatre’ Helps People Feel Safe During COVID-19, Says Psychologist

The Latest on Coronavirus Outbreak for May 21

Many Long for Taste of Pre-Pandemic Normalcy. Here’s Why Others Can’t Bear to Think of It

Numbers Won’t Tell Us When the Pandemic is Over

‘No Masks for the Vaccinated’: What the Latest US Mask Guidance Means

Why Our Public Memory is Key to Post-Pandemic Recovery

The psychology of post-pandemic life — why you might feel anxious about re-entry

Regina researcher Gordon Asmundson discusses reasons behind anti-mask attitudes

Report recommends prioritizing physical activity in the context of the pandemic

'Cave syndrome': Why some people may choose to stay home even after COVID-19 ends

UBC experts on COVID-19

Why B.C.'s summer of renewal likely won't look the same for everyone

As end of COVID-19 comes into focus, are we ready to party yet?


Timeline of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada

A Phenomenon Called Psychological Reactance Might Help Explain the Mindset of Anti-Maskers

Protections for Borrowers Affected by the COVID-19 Emergency Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Regulation X

No, OCD in a Pandemic Doesn’t Necessarily Get Worse with all that Extra Handwashing

COVID-19: Has ‘FOGO’ Got You No-Go? Here’s What You Can Do About a Fear of Going Out

Why pandemic fatigue makes it harder to follow restrictions right now

Belligerent behaviour builds up across B.C.



Post-Vaccine, Your Body Is Safer, but Your Mind Can’t Catch Up

Coronavirus: University of Regina Professor Exploring Impact on Mental Health

Here’s a Look at How Sask. Has Handled Pandemics in the Past

Youth Hit Hardest by Rising Mental Health Crisis

Epson Predicts ‘Roaring 20s’ Era of Post-Covid Events

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Mental Health

After COVID: Will We Ever Hug Again?

When Anti-Maskers Melt Down and Lash Out

COVID-19: One Year Later — From fear to fatigue and pandemic perceptions

Green shoots of hope for a pandemic-free summer in Canada, but leaders urge caution

Pandemic's psychological toll likely to soon lift

B.C. isn't set up to cope with post-pandemic demand for mental health support, psychologist fears


B.C. Residents Least Likely to Follow COVID-19 Restrictions, Poll Finds

Focus BC: Guns and Gang Violence, Pandemic Fatigue

‘Be Kind to Yourself’: Experts’ Tips on Coping with Lockdown Stress

How You’re Doing: The Pandemic’s Impact on Mental Health

‘Coronaphobia’ Is a Real Health Threat Say Experts

‘Pandemic burnout’ on rise as latest Covid lockdowns take toll

We May Never Eliminate COVID-19. But We Can Learn to Live With It

How has the stress from a difficult year changed your brain and what can you do about it?

'People Will Bounce Back': How COVID-19 Parallels Past Pandemics

'Coronaphobia': Covid anxiety has a name. Here’s how to cope

Organizations, experts address increased physical inactivity during pandemic ‘Coronaphobia’: Covid anxiety has a name. Here’s how to cope

Super Bowl 55: NFL fans blatantly disregard social distancing, mask measures as crowds flock to stadium

What Are The Psychological Implications Of The COVID-19 Crisis?

COVID-fatigued British Columbians need specifics, not vague advice


The Pandemic Is Creating A Tsunami Of Mental Health Problems: Here Is What You Can Do As Of Today

Nutrition and Stress: A Two-way Street

Shock Therapy: Curfew to Curtail COVID-19 Spread Might Just Worsen Public Mental Health Morale

Anxious, tired and looking to the future: British Columbians mark one year of COVID in our midst

Uncertainty and fear remain on the one year anniversary of B.C.’s first COVID-19 case



How to talk to your friends and family about Covid, vaccines and wearing masks

Sask. Anxiety, Depression Rates Higher During COVID-19: Researchers

New Year’s Resolution Tips for 2021: Focus on Getting to the End of COVID-19

Here's why everyone is putting up Christmas lights so early this year

Pfizer vaccine sceptics ‘looming problem’ for coronavirus - doctor warns Brits to take jab


Hesitancy Over a COVID-19 Vaccine May Threaten Public Health

No More Applause: Healthcare Workers Now Being Shunned During COVID-19

COVID-19 Means Leaders Must Work to Become Even More Decent

How to Boost Your Mental Health Over the Holidays

COVID-19: B.C. Public Hitting Pandemic Fatigue Eight Months into Crisis

Clinical Psychologist: Why People Panic Buy and Why It’s Important

Steven Taylor Talks About His Book ‘The Psychology of Pandemics,’ Published Months Before the COVID-19 Outbreak

Winter Weather, Holidays And Coronavirus Hoarding - A Recipe For More Product Shortages?

'Facebook warriors': A pandemic of hoaxes undermining efforts to stop COVID-19

COVID-19 panic buying: Toilet paper, essentials fly off shelves again

Coronavirus: How can society thrive post-pandemic?

'I'm tired too': Health officials plead for Sask. residents to follow guidelines.

Expert reminding you to prioritize mental health ahead of winter.

COVID-19: The unprecedented toll the pandemic is taking on mental health.

Pandemic panic buying: Shelves again wiped clean of toilet paper.

Psychopandemic? Steven Taylor, professor & clinical psychologist at the University of British Columbia.

A coronavirus vaccine is almost ready. But will you take it?

Some will need convincing to get COVID vaccine: psychologist.

More than half of North Americans experiencing moderate to severe 'COVID stress': U of R survey shows.


More Than 200 Days In, COVID-19 is Taking a Psychological Toll, and That’s Entirely Normal

Enlist, Encourage Youngsters to Spread Public Health Messaging to Peers, Experts Say

Front-Line Workers, COVID-19 Patients Find Gratitude, Resilience this Thanksgiving

COVID-19’s Multipronged Attack on Mental Health

Plenty to be thankful for in COVID-19 times, says psychologist.

Coronavirus: The possible long-term mental health impacts.

COVID-19 stress affecting many people: U of R professor.

COVID stress syndrome: 5 ways the pandemic is affecting mental health.

COVID fatigue impacting current behaviours, says psychologist.


Cheering From Afar: Study Illustrates Public’s Concerns Over Contact with Healthcare Workers

New COVID-19 Stigma: Widespread Shunning of Healthcare Workers

What Happens if B.C. Re-Enters a COVID Lockdown? Psychologist Says We’ll Be OK

COVID-19 is the Worst Nightmare Come True for Those Battling OCD and Hypochondria

How to Tell if Your Child is Experiencing Back-to-School Anxiety and How to Help

Smile…With your Eyes. How Face Masks Made Us Rethink Communication.

Here’s why panic buying happens - and how it will go digital as the threat of a second lockdown looms.


Health Care Workers Face Stigmatization During Pandemic: Study

How COVID-19 Energized a New Crop of Political Activists, Community Advocates

Temperature Checks and ‘Deep Cleaning’ Aren’t Goof at Stopping Coronavirus. So Why Do We Bother?

Opinion/Cosimini: Masks Affect Physical and Psychological Well-Being

B.C. Study Finds 25% of People Think Health-Care Workers Shouldn’t Be Out in Public

Benefits to Hygiene Theatre? Experts Say All-Encompassing Approach Needed

COVID-19: Temperature Checks are Inaccurate and Ineffective. Why Bother?

B.C. is No Longer a Model for COVID-19 Prevention – and Getting Back to That Stage is Not Guaranteed

How parents can identify anxiety warning signs as students return to school.

One in three people avoiding health care workers during pandemic.

Some people use fear, avoidance to discriminate against health-care workers, study suggests.

COVID-related anxiety is common, but many are learning to overcome it, says psychologist.


U of R Professor Launches Website for People Struggling with Mental Health as a Result

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Academics are Fighting a Rising ‘Infodemic’

California’s Nightmare

How Psychology Can Explain Pushback Against Mandatory Masks

While a Majority of People in B.C. Support Wearing Masks, Those Who Won’t Are Steadfast

Masks Stop Coronavirus. Getting AIDS Showed Me the Stupidity of Not Wearing Them

The Mental Toll of COVID-19, and the Doctor Who Saw It Coming

Mask Hysteria: The Psychology Behind Refusal to Wear Face Coverings

COVID-Stress Syndrome: What it is and why it matters. Wealth of mental health resources for public & health-care professionals.

COVID-19: Why psychological barriers may impede progress during the pandemic.


The COVID Stress Scales

Going Stir-Crazy? Here’s Why You Feel the Need to Hit the Road

‘Optimism Tinged with Anxiety’: What to Expect from the Next 100 Days of COVID-19, According to Experts

Why Some People Wear Face Masks – And Others Don’t


Even When COVID-19 is Beaten, the Stress and Depression of the Pandemic Will Still be With Us. How Do We Recover?

The Psychology of Inoculation: How Many Will Take a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Where Has All the Toilet Paper Gone?


The Struggle with Social Distancing and Lockdown Rules: Why Some People Just Won’t Comply

Quarantine Nation: Inside the Lockdown That Will Change Canada Forever

Mental Illness Will Be the ‘Next Wave’ of COVID-19 Pandemic, Epidemiologist Says

Denying the Reality of the Coronavirus Has Made It More Dangerous for Everyone

Warning: The Long-Term Impact of Stress During and After a Pandemic

Don’t Worry, You’ll (Probably) Stop Yelling at Your TV After the Pandemic

People Who Claim to Have Coronavirus and Spit, Cough on Victims Face Variety of Charges

Trauma Survivors May Already Have the Tools to Cope (and Help Others Cope) Through the Pandemic

One Hour @ UBC Lecture Series

The New Cringeworthy

About 20% of people in recent survey said they wouldn't take COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19’s Other Symptom? Viral Misinformation.


People Have Found a Way to Cope with Pandemic Fears: Watching ‘Contagion’

Some People Just Won’t Stay Home During a Pandemic. Here are Some Reasons That May Explain Why

Coronavirus Fears Have Emptied Supermarket Shelves. Are You Panic-Buying?

Hot Baths Don’t Prevent Coronavirus, and Any Race Can Get It, Experts Debunking Rumors Say

The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Prompted People Around the World to Panic Buy Toilet Paper. Here’s Why

The Psychology Behind Why Toilet Paper, Of All Things, Is the Latest Coronavirus Panic Buy

Why Coronavirus is Leading to Mass Purchase of Toilet Papers

The Psychology Behind Panic Buying (and What We Can Do to Resist It)

Weekly Line: The Psychology Behind COVID-19 Panic Buying

Why Is Toilet Paper Vanishing from Supermarkets?

Coronavirus Fears Spark Panic-Buying Across U.S.

Panic-Buying During Coronavirus Pandemic Will Only Help Spread Disease, B.C. Expert Warns

What’s the Deal with Toilet Paper Selling Out So Quickly Amid Coronavirus?

Coronavirus: People Must Prepare for Mental Toll of Self-Isolation, Psychologist Warns

The Real Reason People Are Panic-Buying Toilet Paper

Coronavirus Fears: Why Are People Hoarding Toilet Paper?

Why Are People Buying So Much Toilet Paper? Will Supplies Run Out? Here Are Some Answers

Top Psychologist Says Britons Must Rediscover the ‘Blitz Spirit’ to Cope with Weeks or Even Months of Self-Isolation Without Succumbing to ‘Cabin Fever’

It’s a World Gone Mad – For Toilet Paper

Tips for Managing Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Real Reason People Are Buying So Much Water

Coronavirus: Surviving Social Distancing

What Do You Tell Someone Who Still Won’t Stay Home?

Wiped Clean: Why the Run on Toilet Paper? An Anthropological Perspective

Commentary: TP Shortage Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Supermarkets Limit Product Quantities All the Time: Why Didn’t They Do So at the Start of the Pandemic?

How a Contagion Affects Human Psychology

Coronavirus: Pandemic Psychologist Explains Lavatory Roll Panic

Why People Are Panic-Buying Toilet Paper During the Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic Experts Says Heightened Sense of Disgust at Dirt and Germs During Outbreaks Fuels the Behaviour

Amid COVID-19 Panic, B.C. Psychologist Urges Shoppers to Not Clear Out Grocery Stores

Not Thinking Straight? What Happens to Our Minds During a Pandemic

B.C. Businesses and Shoppers Juggle Preparing For and Panicking Over COVID-19

Australian Stores Ration Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Panic Buying

‘Herd Effect’: Social Media Images of Empty Shelves Fuelling Panic Buying Over Coronavirus, Says Prof

The Reason Costco Won’t Let You Return Toilet Paper Right Now

The Reason Costco Won’t Let You Return Toilet Paper Right Now

What are Your Self-Quarantine Essentials?

Why We Waited So Long To Take The Coronavirus Seriously

Officials encourage public to stay calm.

Maintaining mental health and mindfulness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risk of coronavirus remains low in Sask., but fearful patients could fill hospitals: psychologist.

'Make rational decisions' as COVID-19 fears grow says psychology prof.

COVID-19 anxiety: How to handle your mental health during the pandemic.


Sask. Still Free of New Coronavirus, Many Residents’ Fears Unwarranted: SHA

‘Coronaphobia’ is Spreading in Canada, Professors Say

Insanity Over COVID-19 Inflicts Real Pain on Chinese-Owned businesses in Metro Vancouver

UBC Expert Answers Coronavirus (COVID-19) Questions

Health Authorities, Schools on North Shore Combat Coronavirus Fears

‘Walls Closing in’: Surviving Quarantine on a Luxury Cruise Ship

Coronavirus Rumor Mill Rampant with Bogus News


Health Officials ‘Confident’ First Case of Coronavirus Has Been Found in B.C.

Facts vs. Fear: Experts Offer Advice on Keeping Calm During Coronavirus Outbreak

‘Some Degree of Concern is Reasonable’: UBC Psychologist on Coronavirus Fears in Metro Vancouver